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List Description
CEGISTdr Investigadores doutorados
CEGISTres Investigadores e Bolseiros do Centro de Estudos de Gestao do Instituto Superior Tecnico (CEG-IST)
Complexo-utilizadores Utilizadores dos recursos informáticos do Complexo Interdisciplinar
DEGassistentes Assistentes do Departamento de Engenharia e Gestao (DEG) do Instituto Superior Tecnico (IST)
DEGconselho Conselho de Departamento (DEG)
DEGcoordenadora DEG: Presidente, Comissao Executiva, Coordenadores lic + Pos-grad. + Areas cientificas
DEGdocentes Docentes do Departamento de Engenharia e Gestao (DEG) do Instituto Superior Tecnico (IST)
DEGdocentes.CEGISTres Docentes do DEG + Investigadores e Bolseiros do CEG-IST
DEGexecutiva Comissao Executiva do Departamento de Engenharia e Gestão (DEG) do Instituto Superior Técnico (IST)
Degjftutor [no description available]
DEGprofessores Professores do Departamento de Engenharia e Gestao (DEG) do Instituto Superior Tecnico (IST)
DEGsecretariado Secretariado do Departamento de Engenharia e Gestao (DEG) do Instituto Superior Tecnico (IST)
Eventos-lage2 LAGE2 - Divulgação de Eventos - IST TagusPark
Fenix-dev Lista de desenvolvimento do Fenix
Fenix-tfc Fenix Developers TFC
Fenix-user This list is for installation/configuration issues regarding the FenixEdu application. It is not a support list!
FP0607 FP-TagusPark-0607
Gcet-alunos Grupo de Contacto com Empresas do IST - TagusPark
GEMS Group of Embedded networked Systems and Heterogeneous Networks, LEMe
GoLP_epp Simulation team of IST's Laser and Plasma Group
GoLP_epp_alumni Alumni of Simulation team of IST's Laser and Plasma Group
GoLP_exp Experimental team of IPFN's Laser and Plasma Group
Groups.aeroforum.aeroforum Created for group aeroforum
Groups.alunos-tagus.alunos Created for group alunos-tagus
Groups.apist.assembleia.geral Created for group apist
Groups.apist.socios Created for group apist
Groups.bioengenharia.mestrado.biologica Created for group bioengenharia
Groups.bioengenharia.mestrado.biomedica Created for group bioengenharia
Groups.bioengenharia.mestrado.bionano Created for group bioengenharia
Groups.bioengenharia.mestrado.biotecnologia Created for group bioengenharia
Groups.bioengenharia.mestrado.tecbiomed Created for group bioengenharia
Groups.cefema.all Created for group cefema
Groups.cefema.divulgacao Created for group cefema
Groups.cegist.cegist-integr Lista de investigadores integrados do CEG-IST
Groups.cegist.list-cegist Pessoas externas ao CEG-IST e alunos de Doutoramento do DEG que não estão no CEG-IST
Groups.ceris.ceris_alunosphd Created for group ceris
Groups.ceris.ceris_colaboradores Created for group ceris
Groups.ceris.ceris_membros Created for group ceris
Groups.cf_cplp [no description available] Created for group cg
Groups.ciist.dsi-alojamento Lista para anuncios sobre servico de alojamento no centro de dados da DSI-TP
Dec_doc Docentes do DECivil
Icist-geral ICIST-Geral
Groups.crreedp.residentes.rdp Created for group crreedp
Groups.deec.alumni-deec Created for group deec
Groups.deg.ex-alunos.egi Created for group deg
Groups.deg.legi.1 Created for group deg
Groups.deg.legi.2 Created for group deg
Groups.deg.legi.3 Created for group deg
Groups.deg.megi.1 Created for group deg
Groups.deg.megi.2 Created for group deg Created for group deg Created for group deg
Groups.dei.dei-bolseiros Created for group dei
Groups.Dem.Alunos.3ciclo Maling list dos alunos do 3º ciclo
Groups.Dem.Alunos.LEAN Maling list dos alunos do LEAN
Groups.Dem.Alunos.LEMat Maling list dos alunos do LEMat
Groups.Dem.Alunos.MEAer Maling list dos alunos do MEAer
Groups.Dem.Alunos.MEAmbi Maling list dos alunos do MEAmbi
Groups.Dem.Alunos.MEAn Maling list dos alunos do MEAn
Groups.Dem.Alunos.MEMec Maling list dos alunos do MEMec
Groups.Dem.Delegados [no description available]
Groups.Dem.Docentes Maling list dos docentes do DEM
Groups.Dem.Global Mailing list geral do DEM
Groups.Dem.TMGA.Alunos Maling list dos alunos do curso TMGA do IST.
Groups.demeass2018.div Created for group DEMEASS2018
Groups.desordem.antigosrepublicos Created for group desordem
Groups.desordem.eventos Created for group desordem
Groups.diplomados-tagus.diplomados08 Created for group diplomados-tagus
Groups.diplomados-tagus.diplomados09 Created for group diplomados-tagus
Groups.diplomados-tagus.diplomados10 Created for group diplomados-tagus
Groups.eimpackcongress.eimpackcongress Created for group eimpackcongress
Groups.fisica.alumni Created for group fisica
Groups.fisica.comunidadedf Created for group fisica
Groups.fisica.delegados Created for group fisica
Groups.fisica.divulgacao Created for group fisica
Groups.fisica.meft_students Created for group fisica
Groups.fisica.mege_students Created for group fisica
Groups.fisica.oradores.newtonmas Created for group fisica
Groups.fisica.participantes.newtonmas Created for group fisica
Groups.fisica.phd_students Created for group fisica
Groups.fmec.estagiosfmec Created for group fmec
Groups.fmec.formecomp Created for group fmec
Groups.fmec.newsletter Created for group fmec
Groups.gcrp.centenario-divulgacao Created for group gcrp
Groups.gcrp.mediacontacts Created for group gcrp
Groups.gcrp.mediagroup Created for group gcrp
Groups.gpi2012.gpi2012 Created for group GPI2012
Groups.gqai.boletim.aqai Created for group gqai
Groups.gqai.diaaberto Created for group gqai
Groups.gsd-inesc-id.eurosys Created for group gsd-inesc-id
Groups.hackerschool.newsletter Created for group hackerschool
Groups.hackerschool.registos Created for group hackerschool
Groups.ibb.berg_total Created for group ibb
Groups.ibb.ibb Created for group ibb
Groups.ibb.ibb_doutorandos Created for group ibb
Groups.ibb.ibb_postdoc Created for group ibb
Groups.ibb.ibb_prof Created for group ibb
Groups.in3.conselhocientifico Created for group in3
Groups.in3.geral Created for group in3
Groups.in3.newsletter Created for group in3
Groups.initstages2016.initstages2016 Created for group initstages2016
Groups.interact.interact Created for group interact Created for group IST-energy IST-energy Initiative
Groups.istpress.editoraistpress Editora ISTPRESS
Groups.maretec.marpocs Created for group maretec
Groups.maretec.noreply.maretec Created for group maretec
Groups.meft.1617_1sem_doc_res Created for group meft
Groups.meft.1617_2sem_doc_res Created for group meft
Groups.meft.disst2012-2013 Created for group meft
Groups.meft.doc.proj.13-14-2sem Created for group meft
Groups.meft.doc13-14-2sem Created for group meft
Groups.meft.laboratorios.desafiarlimites2014 Created for group meft Created for group meft Created for group meft
Groups.meft.noticias Created for group meft
Groups.meft.oradores.desafiarlimites2014 Created for group meft
Groups.meft.participantes.desafiarlimites2014 Created for group meft
Groups.meft.participantes.encontrocandidatos2013 Created for group meft
Groups.meft.participantes.encontrocandidatos2014 Created for group meft
Groups.mtbiom.docentes.fmul Created for group mtbiom Created for group mtbiom
Groups.n3e.alumni Created for group n3e
Groups.nape-tagus2.mentores_lee Created for group nape-tagus2
Groups.nape-tagus2.mentores_legi Created for group nape-tagus2
Groups.nape-tagus2.mentores_leic Created for group nape-tagus2
Groups.nape-tagus2.mentores_leti Created for group nape-tagus2 Created for group nape-tagus2
Groups.neiist.newsletter NEIIST News
Groups.nfist.astro_divulgacao Created for group nfist
Groups.nfist.mobilidade_meft Created for group nfist
Groups.nfist.nfist_divulgacao Created for group nfist Created for group nfist
Groups.nuclear.sponsor Created for group nuclear
Groups.reptrabalhadores.rep_trabalhadores Created for group reptrabalhadores
Groups.sibd.2013iei Created for group sibd
Groups.sibd.sibd2012 Created for group sibd News from the Women in Physics group
IST-SysAdm Administradores de Sistemas do IST
Labs-tagus Imagens de software para os Laboratorios do Taguspark.
LEE Mailing LEE/MEE [TagusPark]
LEGI Alunos da Licenciatura em Engenharia e Gestco Industrial (LEGI) do Instituto Superior Ticnico (IST)
LEGI.1 Alunos do 1.: ano da Licenciatura em Engenharia e Gestco Industrial (LEGI) do Instituto Superior Ticnico (IST)
LEGI.2 Alunos do 2.: ano da Licenciatura em Engenharia e Gestco Industrial (LEGI) do Instituto Superior Ticnico (IST)
LEGI.3 Alunos do 3.: ano da Licenciatura em Engenharia e Gestco Industrial (LEGI) do Instituto Superior Ticnico (IST)
LEGI.4 Alunos do 4.: ano da Licenciatura em Engenharia e Gestco Industrial (LEGI) do Instituto Superior Ticnico (IST)
LEGI.5 Alunos do 5.: ano da Licenciatura em Engenharia e Gestco Industrial (LEGI) do Instituto Superior Ticnico (IST)
Leic-2ano-tagus Alunos do 2o ano da LEIC Tagus
MGEDT.alunos Alunos do Mestrado em Gestao Estrategica e Desenvolvimento do Turismo (MGEDT)
Mgedt.alunos0405 Alunos do Mestrado em Gestão Estratégica e Desenvolvimento do Turismo (MGEDT) 2004/05
NAPE-Tagus [no description available]
NEERCI-ConselhoFiscal NEERCI-IST: Conselho Fiscal
NEERCI-Direccao NEERCI-IST: Direccao
NEERCI-Membros NEERCI-IST: Membros
NEERCI-MesaAGeral NEERCI-IST: Mesa da Assembleia Geral
Old-fenix [no description available]
Portfolio2008 [no description available]
Portfolios-webmaster [no description available]
Prof.deqb Professores Dept Eng Química
Qubit Quantum Technologies @ IST (QT@IST)

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